Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life Changes And All

So, there has been many changes - all good when placed into perspective - happening with moi lately! All of which I am very excited to share with you soon. And one  of my very close confidant (MP) says to me yesterday, "start each day like it's your birthday." My instant reaction was, "what? I don't even really celebrate my birthday, I haven't since I was in my twenties." Well, the point of the message still rings true, it doesn't matter which day it is or what's happening, if you shape your outlook, you will essentially shape your life and your destiny. And while the optimist in me sees the glass half full, sometimes I forget to stop and tell myself that "today is your birthday, because every new day you get, should be celebrated and lived with intention." So, thank you SN, SB, HH, SL, RC, KA, BH, LP, BM, and RL - you all have given me reason to smile and to think of everyday like my birthday! Now, let's go eat cake or better yet, "Let em eat cake"!

until next time...