Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....Wacky Weather...

rain, rain, go away, go away and come another day...sometime after the 4th.

Hey guys, today I am participating in Wordless Wednesday's - I've always wanted to do it...
visit Krista @ Live Life Out Loud and Alicia @ A Beautiful Mess to learn about Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's the Deal With Embellishments?

While I am not the biggest trend person (OK, so I have to admit in all fairness that I do have my moments when I get carried away with some new finagles), - and I do not begin to profess that trends are the way to go or not the way to go for that matter; I DO have my moments when I question myself. "What the heck is wrong with you?" Don't you know that some things are just not doable....and in my head at the same time, I am thinking - I am going to make this one work no matter what...ENTER: EMBELLISHMENTS......

                                                           featured in haute couture

                                                    seen in everyday wear via J Crew

                                                   adorned on the runways in hosiery

donned by Burberry

worn around our necks...

makes you look like a goddess...

makes wonderful head wear...

even makes great home accessories.....

gives me the chills every time I pass this in the store (I am still saving...)

so, why is it that when it comes to me signing the deal of this little beauty above - I keep chickening out?.... I love these sandals, but each time I put my foot into it, I have so many mini macs in my head going all sorts of direction....To be honest the $185 price tag is probably the biggest little demon running around up there...but for the original price tag of $350... it's a steal, right?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend in Review.... No Job...No Money...No Underwear..

Happy Monday Everyone! Well, I had a really blah weekend - nothing exciting, nothing to write home to mother about.....well, except for my Sunday laughathon. After watching this movie, I decided I had to share it with you guys....

does this ring any bells?

how about this - getting warmer?

getting warmer, are we?

It's the Full Monty

this is an absolute classic and no matter how many times I watch this movie, I cannot wrap my head around the insanity - the audcaity - the gumption and the pure comedy. This movie has been redone in so many ways: theatre, comedy, real life, drama, you name it, its been touched. These men laid it bare in every sense as they reveal their background and their emotional journeys – from overcoming the setback of unemployment to building up the confidence to perform a striptease.

Have any of you guys seen this hilarity?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Shade.... Drum Roll Please..

With a hot humid day today, I thought about being in the shade, which translated into me thinking about drum shades and pendants - go figure......


Friday, June 25, 2010

re-invent, re-imagine and re-design... Renaissance Redux

With spring market well into full force, I wanted to highlight how vintage is now in the spotlight when it comes to new design pieces. The trend of re-inventing, re-imagining and re-designing classic looks and making them current and up to date is well into full swing.

Renaissance Redux: the term given to the era that embraces a rebirth full of ease and earthiness. Rustic materials like terra cotta and reclaimed wood temper elements of formality, while maintaining an informal attitude. A palette consisting of greens, ochre and gold highlights ever-stylish, understated simplicity. Reminding me of the era of Julius Cesar or of Socrates...

1. Encore's bronze bust
2. Plush tufting contributes to the classic charm of Hancock & Moore's petite chair.
3. Leaf damask Port 68's piquant stool, defined by ornate barley twist legs
4. An ornate damask motif hand embroidered pillow by Home Texco's
5. From New Growth Designs, a small boxwood topiary in a square terra cotta pot
6. The Umbria table from Peninsula Home Collection made of reclaimed wood tops a simply carved base
7. Sterling's heavily distressed urn lamp reveals vibrant carnelian beneath a Tuscan ochre finish
8. Opera rug from Wildcat Territory by Delos
9. Habersham's carved floor mirror with the requisite carving in a rich, deep finish.

Is the renaissance era-restored for you?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday.......

A few days ago, I was left thinking about a statement my mother made to me. She said, "you should stop trying to fit your plan into life and instead try to fit life into its own plan." Now, while I didn't give much thought to what my mother was actually saying until later, I realized that she made sense because life is all about dealing with the curve balls that we get thrown and then making the best out of them...... So, my word of wisdom today is found in this nifty little quote:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lawn Party Anyone? The Must Have Embellishments....

So, summer is on us and one of my dear friends just purchased a condo and wanted to get some ideas for her outdoor living space. I am a lover of all things outdoor; iced lemonade, water spritzers, umbrella drinks, cabana style living, a stack of magazines and just plain great air. So, when I read an article in Casual Living, I knew I had to bring this to you: 10 Must Haves to Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space.... Getting your outdoor together can be daunting, but with these ten nifty little items, it can certainly come together in fine style. Look for planters, firepots, wind chimes, accented stones, bird feeders, pillows, stools and chairs to top it all of...

So, what are your outdoor must have accessories?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweedish Decor......Makes Me Sween!!

Well, it seems that the Sweeds are rapidly becoming known for modern design style - aka picture IKEA, just an upscale version and what do you get: fun pieces, modern design, white lacquered floors and accessories that are just right. Featured in Home-Designing, is this rather unobtrusive, captivating, somewhat tech savvy interior that makes me say, Sween-worthy!!

The huge undetectable projection screen is suspended above the door. Focus on the great floors, the amazing and clean furniture pieces and the eye catching art. Art by Konstnär Göteborgs.

Take hold of the colorful fabric, the textures and the contrasting elements

 Look at the simplicity of the rooms and the transition of colors from one room to the next - creating a sense of completeness. 

Behold the floral chande and the comparison of traditional and modern!

This night stand will be in my dreams or even better on my DIY project list!!

What does your dream interior look like?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Find: 6-18-2010

Wow, I can't believe it is Friday already and let me just say that it has been a long week. For all my fellow blogmates, there's a lot for me to say. First, sorry for not being as active in checking out your blogs and getting involved with your bloggy world! Second, thanks to the Drama Mama from the Scoop on Poop for my second blog award. Let me just say that I feel like really horrible - almost as if I don't deserve it at all. Third, my gosh how time is flying in this bloggy world! and it seems like I am gaining a few great blog friends along the way. Fourth, here are a few of my favorite posts for the week:

1. If You're a pillow person, then you'll be Crushing on Pillows over at Leah's Place
2. Her Name Was Lola, gives you seven awe-inspiring images of vintage "iconicness"
3. Be inspired by the lovely Birkin of a Bag over at Tiptoe Butterfly
4. Let LaBella Bungalow make you head over heels with the Clowns!! I promise it will be fun!!
5. Get Checked and Cheerful with the Little Blue Deer
6. Want to get into beach mode A La Gisele Bundchen, hop over to the Simply Luxurious Life
7.  Find inspirations for your summer style at Lemons and Laundry

And fifth, enjoy your weekend!!! and I have a treat for you guys in my next post!!

So, what plans do you have do you have for the weekend?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All the Little Girls in Frills....Here We Go...

I am girl that loves her feminine dresses and all those things that jazz! While I believe that every girl should have at least one dress that’s fun and flirty and makes her feel feminine, there are just some dresses that don’t make the cut! This past weekend, I was looking at Louise Goldin’s Spring 2010 collection and let’s just say there are few that are hits, and few that are misses in my book!!

Her collection was inspired by Versace’s mid-nineties advertising campaigns and were brought together with curlicues and poufed shorts and the now infamous Jean Paul Gaultier spiked-bra worn by Madonna back in the nineties. She manages to mix together all of these elements, as well as pastel tones, gold lurex and baby-doll silhouettes and to my disappointment, a few were a little too tacky and others were certainly functional and fun!

What’s a hit in your book when it comes to feminine dresses?

Images courtesy of Louise Goldin Runway