Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bold. Eclectic. Bright.

Loving the new Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring 2012 collection. The concept for this collection is the maison’s archival silk patterns. The collection is brought to life through vivid colors – deep magenta, cardinal red, cobalt blue, teal turquoise and dark violet – accented by neutral tones of khaki and gold. Soft silhouettes in bright prints create a look that is both eclectic and refined, while the accessories evoke the early eighties with bright maxi-clutches, drawstring handbags and the perfect skinny-strapped sandal with a gilded heel. To learn more, visit

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Baby Time!

It’s going to be a baby-filled week for me this week.! A close friend is hosting a baby shower and I have been summoned to create quite a bit of amazing, glam invites. I am generally inspired by all things vintage yet modern with bold colors. Generally, for a little baby girl, pink is the go to color but I would love to do something different. I haven't decided on a color yet, but I am loving the inspiration from this invite from Ladybug Press. 

This design is letterpress printed on Crane Lettra 300 gsm (soft white) with fabric pockets. Love the idea and all the great vintage elements.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Embrace Life: Red + White

Over the weekend I met with friends L and R and I must say that they are simply amazing! After chatting into the wee hours of the morning, we realized that life is full of reds and whites; good and bad; ups and downs, people who are for you and you guessed it, people who are against you. But when all was said and done, I reconfirmed that we should still embrace life in all it's beauty and challenges.

until next time.....

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Cruising King of Weekend!

Happy Friday you amazing people! I can't believe it's another Friday - the weeks just zoom by these days but I guess I won't complain. What does your weekend look like? Hopefully, my weekend will be a cruising kind of weekend. But knowing myself, it probably will turn out to be nothing close to cruising. If you're in Texas, you're probably gearing up for the infamous Rodeo! And, if you're into fashion, you'll get a glamorous treat this Sunday at the Oscars! I am certainly looking forward to seeing the Oscars.

happy weekend...and, until next time!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is What it's All About1

After much reflection and soul searching, I realized that I have many things to be thankful for. I have also realized that there are many things that I have to push myself to achieve in this upcoming year. So, I've adopted a mentality of  "I Can Do This"! There are times when we all get scared of the road ahead and the ultimate unknown, but just knowing that I am not alone in the journey of success is always reassuring. Stay tuned as I update you in the world of I can do this!

until next time...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a White Sea Foam Green World!

One of my favorite colors these days is sea foam green + winter white; maybe it's because I've been scouring the earth for inspirational ways to use these colors or maybe it's just because I'm secretly a hippie child with a modern inkling, because this color certainly gives me a retro - vintage feel! The idea that something could be so bold yet so tranquil is pretty crazy. I've been pulling inspiration boards for a client's wedding invites and to my great amazement, her colors incorporate these two. A few of the great ways this color can be used.... Love it!

{image credits} teal ruffled wool scarf: baymut / sea foam quartz earrings: jewellery by Brenda Braun / vintage sea foam + white rose wrap ring: fawning in love / aquamarine vintage scarf: sasquatch sara / teal feathers: pegasus22 / sea foam green silk shoe clip: b. poetic/ coin purse: humoresque

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's All About Layering!

Lately I've been having a tremendous urge to layer my arms with baubles. So over the weekend, I went to one of my favorite boutique shops to see scoop a few pieces. After putting the pieces together, somehow I just didn't get the feel I was going for. Just goes to show that not everything is meant for everyone, right? How do you guys feel about layering accessories?

until next time...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Handmade and Loving It!

Loving these embroidered linen pieces from K Studio. They also have quite a bit of really cute embroidered iPhone and iPad cases, and feel free to browse their collection of tote bags, pillows, and wall art.

until next time....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Want to Reduce Wedding Costs? Here's How!!

Weddings, weddings, weddings! Everyday, you see amazing weddings and all the great elements that make them unique. It's no wonder when yo do decide to get married, you want the best. Cara Davis, author of Cheap Ways to Tie the Knot shares a few simple tips on how to save money without minimizing the look and feel of your wedding.

1) Start with the guest list. There’s no need to invite your mother’s third cousin twice removed to your wedding. Inviting fewer guests to your wedding is a simple way to cut down cost. Don’t go overboard and slash your entire list. Just consider sharing your day with close friends and family instead.

2) Don’t be a dress Nazi. Let your bridal party pick out their own frocks. Not only will your bridesmaids thank you when they’re not stuck in matching dresses they will never wear again, giving your friends the freedom to choose their own looks can be wallet friendly too. Think about choosing a color or give your friends certain parameters to work with instead of forcing them to shell out wads of cash on matchy-matchy gowns.

3) The dreaded registry. Instead of registering for things, create a gift card registry. Not only will this cut down on shipping costs – for friends and family mailing you gifts – it’ll also eliminate the risk of getting duplicate gifts which will save you and your honey a trip to the store for returns.

4) Make accommodations affordable and comfortable. More than likely, you’ll have some out of town guests. Check with hotels to inquire about their special rates for wedding parties. If some of your attendees don’t want to pay for a hotel, maybe you have a friend or two with a spare room to share for the weekend.

5) Give thanks. Make sure to acknowledge your friends and family for sharing your special day with you. A simple wedding program note, a toast and a cute wedding favor can make all the difference. Remember, your friends and family sacrificed time and money to celebrate your wedding, so let them know how much you appreciate them. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day Everyone!

Enjoy your valentine's day today, even if you're single and without one special valentine. Imagine how your family, friends, or even coworkers would feel just by saying "happy valentine's". Share the joy of love today!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Easy Breezy Spring - Coming Soon!

Easy Spring – the relaxed shapes of Beymen’s spring 2012 collection for the retailer’s latest campaign shot by Koray Birand. Styled by Mahizer Aytas. Can't wait for spring - welcome jewel tones and neutrals with gold jewelry. The easy breezy look is perfected by Ali Yilanci’s tousled locks and Ali Riza Ozdemir’s understated makeup.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday! Enjoy the Weekend!

Have a great weekend! And remember, .......


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Inspiration for Moving Forward

So many times we get stuck on the small things. We have planned and maneuvered and the small things are important to the end game. More often, there seems to be things that just emerge that has made the small things now the big things. It's very easy to get carried away with dealing with the small things in life and not focusing on the BIG picture. The picture that's not just beneficial to you but to everyone else. The big picture that is in reality, the reality. Today, I challenge you to focus on two things: (1) to hold nothing back in your quest for pursuing the big picture and (2) letting go of the game of see-saw.

Holding Nothing Back for the Big Picture
For much of my life I have found that hesitation, more than anything, has been the invisible hitch that has kept me from joy. I’ve found that the moment with all its meaning often moves on by the time I reconsider whether or not to enter it. I’m not saying we should always be impulsive. More to the point, I’ve discovered, over and over, that I usually know what I need to do but just deny it, and it is this small hesitation, this small resistance to enter what is real, that makes life feel neutral or out of reach.

To hold nothing back in pursuing or defending the big picture in every breath means staying committed to letting whatever we experience make its way in and letting whatever is in make its way out. Simply and profoundly, our very breath can serve as a reminder that life is only possible if the exchange of inner and outer is undisturbed. Letting things in, feeling their impact, and, in turn, letting things out, expressing cleanly what we feel, is a spiritual practice that rinses the mind and heart.

Challenging the Game of See-Saw
How often we are drawn into opposition with one another. Certainly, there are times that conflict is inevitable. There is only one parking space. There is only one donut left. There is only one shoe left on the rack. But most of the time, on the inner plane, there is plenty to go around, and it is more a game of see-saw: to keep myself up—or to keep my sense of how I see myself up—I somehow feel the need to put you down.

This only diverts me from my path and sucks all my energy into a battle that often doesn’t matter. In truth, no amount of rearranging the world will make us feel worthy. The only response to adversity or misunderstanding is to be more completely who we are—to share ourselves more. Otherwise, we are always reacting and countering, and never being. Just look to the flowers and trees. They do not suppress each other. Even when crowded, they show themselves and grow in all directions, and so make it to the light.

until next life on the sunny side!

excerpts taken from inspire to belief

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tough Wednesday! That's What We'll Call It!

Today is gearing up to be one tough day for me. Starting with another attack of my throat and overall body aches from the new, grueling cross fit workout I have tricked myself into, yet again. And now, I feel a little under the weather, again! And to add a little icing on my dear cake - I have face to face meets today, all while I feel like a train has pummeled into me. Want to know what's funny, I manage to round up a few throat soothers and what do they say, ready? "get back in there", "be resilient", "march forward", "go for it", "you've got it:", "it's all yours for the taking". And that was only the first wrapper. My oh my, what is happening here. Are these wrappers trying to knock me back into shape? We'll just have to see - you pep talking pieces of paper, we'll just have to see!.

until next time - have a great wednesday!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Well, needless to say that Valentines day is a mere week away and I am hoping cupid's arrow will hit me right where it should land. This valentine's I will prepare myself to be absolutely aflutter with excitement and joy. smile... ES and SB... Enjoy the week and here's a little inspiration to hopefully assist with pushing you through the week!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Best Of: Etsy Fun Finds

Every once in a while day I see inspiration in small lines and simple things. Things that seem complex but instead are really an inspiration for more creativity. Here are a few finds/artists via Elle that I love!

WHO: Nicole Balch, blogger and stationery designer, Making it Lovely

TOP SHOP: Robert Ryan,
“One of my favorite artists is Robert Ryan. He creates delicate illustrations with cut paper that are full of incredible detail. They're available in several different mediums, including screenprint, lasercut, ceramic tile, and even rolls of tape, so there's plenty to choose from to suit your personal style.”

PERSONAL PICKS: “I Miss Being a Small Girl” lasercut, $133;
“My Adventure” ceramic tile in blue/brown, $38;—“I used this to tell my husband we were expecting our first baby!”

WHO: Jaime Derringer, founding editor, Design Milk

TOP SHOP: Art by Dee Adams,
“One of my current faves is Dee Adams. I just love her artwork, specifically her Mid-Century Tweet Series, which features prints of colorful, graphic birds. In the current sea of midcentury-inspired art, her work is a standout.”

PERSONAL PICK: Mid-Century bird poster No. 2, $17.50;

Friday, February 03, 2012

Happy Friday....

Thursday, February 02, 2012

The WOW! Factor - Ceilings!

We tend to underestimate the impact that a decorative ceiling can contribute to a room’s appearance. Every wall, furnishing and floor adds to the appeal of a space. And believe it or not, the foundation of a room’s character can be established by the ceiling’s design. With the various elements and details that are available for a ceiling, you are sure to find a style that matches your personality. Below are a few inspirations that can give your ceiling that “WOW” factor.