Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend At A Glance!

Hello Blog World!

Generally, I would not hash out all the details of my weekend because it would probably pale in comparison to everyone's fun, exciting weekends! However, this weekend was pretty creative and totally out of the norm for moi! I created new stationery for Koby and Kylie Co., created my first look book which I promise to share with you very, very, soon and pulled inspirations for a few upcoming designs! And, I've thrown thrusted myself back into the dating world and dated one guy for every single day of the weekend - Whewww. So, all in all, I would say my weekend was amazing and filled with great food! Now, that's what you call Perffff......! Happy Monday and enjoy the week!

Until Next Time!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Houston Fashion Week - Two Weeks Later!

International Style. Texas Hospitality. The tagline for Fashion Houston and for the second year you couldn't disagree. Prints and colors hit the runway and Houston designers Aries Milan, Cesar Galindo, Chloe Dao and Jerri Moore showcased to the world that fashion in Houston is world classSo, fashion week in Houston has come and gone and only the dust lingers. My friend and I had a great time. We sipped cocktails with Carmen Marc Valvo and met Cesar Galindo and our very own, local Houston designer Aries Milan (Kate Kills Pretty) and Chloe Dao who rocked the show. We went on two nights and enjoyed two great shows in fashionable style. Here are few photos of the shows. By far, of all the lines we saw and the sooo many I loved, the one that I will rush to the store to get a piece of is Bibhu Mohapatra! His line made me want to literally jump on stage and give him a hug and two kisses - his pieces are so me - Classically Chic!

Until next time! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Houston Fashion Week and I'll Be There!

Welcome fall. welcome bold colors. welcome great weather. welcome yummy, warm foods. and welcome Houston Fashion week. I have waited for what seems like an eternity to sit at fashion week and enjoy the great pieces that will grace the runways. This year, I've been loving dying over bright, pick-me-up pieces and accessories in emerald greens, vivid blues, bold reds and shocking yellows. Now, let’s see what great designers will bring it this year. I will certainly post many photos of the show – so stay tuned!! In the meantime, I am loving these bold accessories!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Feeling Inspired: Exotic Prints That Shines Orange

Over the weekend, (minus the torrential downpours of rain), I was inspired to get stuff done. There is no time like the present to get your bootstraps into gear and make it happen. I often search for inspiration everywhere I go and it seems that this weekend I realized I had a love for the colors orange and hot pink.  Today, I wanted to share the elements of the mood board I created to inspire my love for the color orange.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thursday Treat!

In preparation for one of my oldest friends visiting this weekend and hanging with me while we attend Houston Fashion Week and various other debaucheries, I am getting my house in order - so to speak! When you work like a crazy person and you live with a pooch who has more toys than Barneys and whose idea of hanging out is running in circles with every toy like an athlete on steroids, you are bound to have a space that needs sprucing up every now and then.

So, I wanted to add a few little touches to make my space inviting and an escape for SB - I know she works hard and deals with a few crazies on the regular. I pulled a few inspirations and took a few elements out of each to add a little touch of  "the happy room" element to my own space.

images via house beautiful

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Inspiration That Surrounds Us!

I am really feeling inspired today! I accomplished a lot yesterday and I guess if I can manage to keep focused, then my inspiration may actually come to fruition. Weddings are all a buzz and these images of the NYC Public Library are astounding!!

via ceci new york

Monday, October 03, 2011

A Manhattan Spread That Says: Welcome to The Life of the Bold

Designer Veronica Swanson Beard's Manhattan apartment took me by surprise. Not that there were any  expectations, it was  just so full of color and life. And while it seems to capture half the color palette on the fan deck, it is still so put together and it makes sense. After reading her interview, it made me think - see that's how it should be. You should be able to be bold and test the waters. Her apartment is described as a "mosaic of vibrantly hued walls, exotic prints and art". With that, how could you want anything else?

I just love this space!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Houston, We Have A Touchdown! Well, Almost...

See, promised I would share a few inspirations and what's going on in the world of me. Well, today I am loving everything that is me - not to sound superficial or anything - but sometimes my inner drive or alter ego Sheree surprises me. In a month I will be running my first ever half marathon - yes, I have mentioned exercising here and here and here. Almost makes me sound like a crazy can't get it done person, but I am one step closer, I promise.

Today, I completed 11 - that's right, you read it - ELEVEN grueling miles and oh, how I had to talk to my "lackadaisical" self a whole heep. Let's just say Sheree talked me to death! And thank you to my pace buddy who pushed me to finish in record time and to finish feeling like I could have ran 10, I mean 5 more miles (who am I kidding here). He was great, he was the pacer I needed and he made it happen. So today I'm feeling kinda stoked because I did it in great time (i.e. I broke my record - sorry, I'm just saying it was amazing) and in great form - yah to you girrrllll; aka - yah to me!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That!

What does a little this and a little of that give you? Well, when you're me with way too many fires burning in the oven - the chances are you'll get something else to do! I have been busy for many months now and of course, have neglected a few things that just couldn't get on the schedule - including this wonderful blog! Since then, I have been inspired to live a life with purpose. Whether it means that I get an hour less sleep to do the things that mean something to me, or whether it's taking another walk with my newest pooch, or even if it's running like I've never run before - I am going to do it, I will life a live with purpose.

So, what this rant really mean? It merely means that you can expect to hear from me a little more. Maybe not everyday but a lot more than once every four months! And while hearing from me, I will be very upfront and honest about life, my inspirations and the things I've got brewing. Okay, so on a much lighter note - geeezzzshhh! I have been contemplating creative things lately; the things that make me say, "wow! that's amazing!" Here are a few inspirations that have been brewing up a storm inside me lately!

images via cococozy and the buzz