Thursday, July 05, 2012

The Wide Open Truth!

Yesterday, while my family and friends (well, at least some of my friends) were busy celebrating their fourth and having a blast, like they should - I was working, which seems to be the usual. With a new client of Studio Brand Collective on board and getting ready to launch their product lines, we had to do part I of a two part, full day photo shoot. It was long and tiring and I have aches in places that I didn't know could ache. And after having to tell a friend that I couldn't join her, friends and family for a night of fireworks and cocktails, it made me ask myself, "why am I working so hard?" Well, to answer that question I turned to a trusted friends and at the end of this conversation (or at least, a few seconds before I fell asleep while mumbling words of no general usefulness), I realized that I have a tremendous fear of failure. Quite honestly, this fear of failure has many long stemmed roots into my childhood but it is this fear that has propelled me to do as much as I do, even while I know I am pushing myself too hard. It is this fear that makes me three times as hard on myself than anyone else has ever been. And, it is this fear that will either make or break me. So, today I decided to leave by this (yet another) mantra. Happy Thursday!

do you have a fear of failure? does it motivate or hinder you?