Thursday, February 09, 2012

Inspiration for Moving Forward

So many times we get stuck on the small things. We have planned and maneuvered and the small things are important to the end game. More often, there seems to be things that just emerge that has made the small things now the big things. It's very easy to get carried away with dealing with the small things in life and not focusing on the BIG picture. The picture that's not just beneficial to you but to everyone else. The big picture that is in reality, the reality. Today, I challenge you to focus on two things: (1) to hold nothing back in your quest for pursuing the big picture and (2) letting go of the game of see-saw.

Holding Nothing Back for the Big Picture
For much of my life I have found that hesitation, more than anything, has been the invisible hitch that has kept me from joy. I’ve found that the moment with all its meaning often moves on by the time I reconsider whether or not to enter it. I’m not saying we should always be impulsive. More to the point, I’ve discovered, over and over, that I usually know what I need to do but just deny it, and it is this small hesitation, this small resistance to enter what is real, that makes life feel neutral or out of reach.

To hold nothing back in pursuing or defending the big picture in every breath means staying committed to letting whatever we experience make its way in and letting whatever is in make its way out. Simply and profoundly, our very breath can serve as a reminder that life is only possible if the exchange of inner and outer is undisturbed. Letting things in, feeling their impact, and, in turn, letting things out, expressing cleanly what we feel, is a spiritual practice that rinses the mind and heart.

Challenging the Game of See-Saw
How often we are drawn into opposition with one another. Certainly, there are times that conflict is inevitable. There is only one parking space. There is only one donut left. There is only one shoe left on the rack. But most of the time, on the inner plane, there is plenty to go around, and it is more a game of see-saw: to keep myself up—or to keep my sense of how I see myself up—I somehow feel the need to put you down.

This only diverts me from my path and sucks all my energy into a battle that often doesn’t matter. In truth, no amount of rearranging the world will make us feel worthy. The only response to adversity or misunderstanding is to be more completely who we are—to share ourselves more. Otherwise, we are always reacting and countering, and never being. Just look to the flowers and trees. They do not suppress each other. Even when crowded, they show themselves and grow in all directions, and so make it to the light.

until next life on the sunny side!

excerpts taken from inspire to belief


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