Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tough Wednesday! That's What We'll Call It!

Today is gearing up to be one tough day for me. Starting with another attack of my throat and overall body aches from the new, grueling cross fit workout I have tricked myself into, yet again. And now, I feel a little under the weather, again! And to add a little icing on my dear cake - I have face to face meets today, all while I feel like a train has pummeled into me. Want to know what's funny, I manage to round up a few throat soothers and what do they say, ready? "get back in there", "be resilient", "march forward", "go for it", "you've got it:", "it's all yours for the taking". And that was only the first wrapper. My oh my, what is happening here. Are these wrappers trying to knock me back into shape? We'll just have to see - you pep talking pieces of paper, we'll just have to see!.

until next time - have a great wednesday!


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