Monday, August 06, 2012

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself!

I had the great pleasure of meeting several wonderful women last month at a conference and I am inspired by them daily. Here is a quote I thought I would share with you, one that has inspired me and has led to my weekly contract with myself, "During this olympics you can see those that have not taken this moment for granted by introducing fear into their hearts. You can do anything..but if fear is driving your decisions on how you move, you will fall short of success. No one knows that fear exists at your core but must introduce yourself to your greatest self and crush the fear even if it is so small you can barely see it. Even a dot of fear is meant to destroy you and you have been sent to overcome every adversity...even yourself!" (via DaRhonda WIlliams). I must say that sometimes I am guilty of introducing fear into my life and it's often a very hard task to consistently expel fear from your thoughts. This week, my challenge to you (and myself) is "to make this the week that fear takes a back seat to all your potential successes". Let's check back on Monday to see how removing fear changed your accomplishments for the week.

until next time...