Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wednesday's Honest Truth!

While I am most times a very private person, there are moments of pure clarity that allows me to open up to the universe and speak about those things that would normally be left in my head (which at this time is full and overflowing). So this Wednesday I wanted to speak my open truth about being really tough on yourself, allowing your ego to cloud your accomplishments and taking control so you making way for positive affirmations.

I have always been the hardest person on myself for the longest - I am not quite sure why and so I am left with figuring out how to deal with this. But lately, I think it's made me more conscious of the fact that I need to accept my accomplishments, whether small or large, and create my own strides. See sometimes I think that we all get very caught into the illusion of someone else's "apparent" grandeur and we stress ourselves out more to accomplish these things. While in all it's form, your own grandeur becomes just "a thing" and so the ever spiraling feeling of I am not good enough or "what am I doing wrong or not doing?" is always present. This then allows Mr. Ego to step in to declare himself the victor by overdoing, overcompensating, overanalyzing, even though never really feeling that it's still good enough.

So my challenge for myself and for you today is to accept your accomplishments and remember:

until next time..