Sunday, October 02, 2011

Houston, We Have A Touchdown! Well, Almost...

See, promised I would share a few inspirations and what's going on in the world of me. Well, today I am loving everything that is me - not to sound superficial or anything - but sometimes my inner drive or alter ego Sheree surprises me. In a month I will be running my first ever half marathon - yes, I have mentioned exercising here and here and here. Almost makes me sound like a crazy can't get it done person, but I am one step closer, I promise.

Today, I completed 11 - that's right, you read it - ELEVEN grueling miles and oh, how I had to talk to my "lackadaisical" self a whole heep. Let's just say Sheree talked me to death! And thank you to my pace buddy who pushed me to finish in record time and to finish feeling like I could have ran 10, I mean 5 more miles (who am I kidding here). He was great, he was the pacer I needed and he made it happen. So today I'm feeling kinda stoked because I did it in great time (i.e. I broke my record - sorry, I'm just saying it was amazing) and in great form - yah to you girrrllll; aka - yah to me!!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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