Monday, October 24, 2011

Houston Fashion Week - Two Weeks Later!

International Style. Texas Hospitality. The tagline for Fashion Houston and for the second year you couldn't disagree. Prints and colors hit the runway and Houston designers Aries Milan, Cesar Galindo, Chloe Dao and Jerri Moore showcased to the world that fashion in Houston is world classSo, fashion week in Houston has come and gone and only the dust lingers. My friend and I had a great time. We sipped cocktails with Carmen Marc Valvo and met Cesar Galindo and our very own, local Houston designer Aries Milan (Kate Kills Pretty) and Chloe Dao who rocked the show. We went on two nights and enjoyed two great shows in fashionable style. Here are few photos of the shows. By far, of all the lines we saw and the sooo many I loved, the one that I will rush to the store to get a piece of is Bibhu Mohapatra! His line made me want to literally jump on stage and give him a hug and two kisses - his pieces are so me - Classically Chic!

Until next time! Enjoy!


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