Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That!

What does a little this and a little of that give you? Well, when you're me with way too many fires burning in the oven - the chances are you'll get something else to do! I have been busy for many months now and of course, have neglected a few things that just couldn't get on the schedule - including this wonderful blog! Since then, I have been inspired to live a life with purpose. Whether it means that I get an hour less sleep to do the things that mean something to me, or whether it's taking another walk with my newest pooch, or even if it's running like I've never run before - I am going to do it, I will life a live with purpose.

So, what this rant really mean? It merely means that you can expect to hear from me a little more. Maybe not everyday but a lot more than once every four months! And while hearing from me, I will be very upfront and honest about life, my inspirations and the things I've got brewing. Okay, so on a much lighter note - geeezzzshhh! I have been contemplating creative things lately; the things that make me say, "wow! that's amazing!" Here are a few inspirations that have been brewing up a storm inside me lately!

images via cococozy and the buzz


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