Friday, July 09, 2010

Let's Fly Away and Stay

These days, when I think about staying in a hotel, the thought of staying in a large impersonal, somewhat cookie-cutter room of the one next door doesn't seem to entice much at all. ENTER: Boutique Hotels!

Boutique hotels are designed a whole lot differently that your average hotel. While most hotels feel impersonal; boutique hotels’ have a more personalized/ customized feel. The designers take an inordinate amount of care in making sure that the furniture, wallpaper, artwork, and all the elements of the room feels just like a home or your wish for a home.

James Hotel, Chicago IL

Hotel Monaco, Seattle WA

The Georgian Terrace, Atlanta GA

Hotel Victor, Miami Beach FL

La Residence Hotel

Liberty Hotel, Boston MA

Alexis Hotel, Seattle WA

Do you have a favorite hotel? Have a great weekend!!!


  1. These are wonderful! Give me one of these anytime, and I'll gladly pay more for the comfort. Absolutely! Enjoy your weekend. =)

  2. OMG. all those hotels are GORGEOUS. love your blog. new follower..(thanks for the blog comment)

  3. I love Hotel De luxe in Portland! It is amazing! These are all making me want to travel though! Happy Weekend!

  4. Those all such pretty palces, I love stay at the Hyatt or the Hilton

  5. I Can't say that I have a favorite hotel. I just know that I love nice ones. They don't have to the the big box ones, just nice. These that you have shown, are fabulous, especially the Alexis Hotel, Seattle WA

  6. I love boutique hotels, I'm so glad they have gotten so popular! I remember when the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta was just a run-down dump, so happy they remodeled it, it is gorgeous now! Great post! XO!

  7. Totally cool. I love how stylish and individual they all seem. The yellow room is gorgeous!
    Lila Ferraro

  8. Loving all of these and will keep on file.
    Hotel living is one of my fave things. LOVE all aspects of it.

    x C

  9. These are amazing.....My hubs and i love to travel to different hotels - we just enjoy everything about it!!


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