Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wall Accessories That Speaks Volumes

A few days ago, I was browsing our local Z Gallerie and I came across this Palm Garden Panel and many ideas rushed through my head! I started to think about these nifty little wall decor pieces I saw in this store.

and then I thought of this post from apartment therapy

which then also made me say, uhmmm - "I like this too"

and then I though of these decals I saw in the DIOR Store....

and I also thought about this....

{last two images via Frank Fuzzy Paris}

wall decor anyone?


  1. I really like the idea of adding wallpaper panel to a room, it makes so a pretty statement

  2. I love that green room!

    Thanks for checking out my blog -- also just followed your blog. Love it!


  3. those animal noses are hilariously awesome!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog! it is nice to "meet" you! i'm excited about keeping up with your happy happenings!

  4. My parents would die for that piggy nose! They do BBQ and are obsessed with all things pig :)

  5. Love the lime room! Great photos.

  6. All of these are amazing, but the animal noses are cracking me up. The butterflies in Dior - amazing, I would be constantly looking up and possibly be distracted from the clothes - for a moment. Great post!

  7. I saw those black butterflies in one of my design mags...can't recall, but I LOVED them. They were displayed over a headboard in a circular pattern. GREAT post :) I haven't been in Z, in like fer-ever it seems! Since we moved from TX, they don't have them where we are now :(

  8. The black butterflies are awesome, I totally want to do that in my daughters room but paint them all different colors!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. I love wall decor! It's one of my favorite things, I have all kinds of cool ideas! I also saw a really cool folding panel recently at B B and B of all places! XO!

  10. Oh my!!!

    BEAUTIFUL blog, Kiki!

    I LOVE the background and the post separator!!

    Plus, beautifully happy pictures.

    I am SO following your blog!!

  11. Hey Lady! Thanks for following - doing likewise now myself.

    And wall decor aside, may I plz have the chair that's one from the bottom?


  12. Loving the green in the last room!

  13. That green room in the last picture is so cool! It feels very chic and relaxing. I also love the palm panels. Great inspiration!


  14. Wow amazing pics Kiki! I love the dior black butterflies! Amazing!

  15. I like the idea of using wall decals, I would imagine it would be easy to change.

  16. I love the frank fuzzie paris omg!


  17. those nose things remind me a lot of a hotel project i worked a long time ago... very funky! have a nice sunday!

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