Thursday, July 01, 2010

My Sunny Treats: A Peek into Madeline Weinrib Atelier

Listed below as one of my Sunnyside Treats is Madeline Weinrib Atelier aka MWA. While I am sure many of you are already familar with this talented designer, I just had to show you a few of her lovely stuff. 

Painter and designer Madeline Weinrib lives and works in New York City where she carries on the family tradition with her innovative collection of artisanally-crafted carpets, textiles, caftans, furniture pieces and uber chic accessroies. Translating her painterly sensibilities into woven form, Weinrib launched her first carpet collection in 1998.Known for their lush color and opulent pattern, her designs draw on a wealth of sources gleaned from her travels and reflect her interest in reinterpreting and reframing traditional forms. In addition to her signature collection of carpets is her expanding repertoire of clutches, caftans and vintage furniture. {via Madeline Weinrib}

After persuing and old issue of Town and Country, I knew I had to shed some light on my fave pieces..

here are few more of my favorite things:

{the mid-century club chair in white/copper chenille is my inspiration for DIY chair project}

Remember these chairs from this POST

well, this was the original inspiration....

maybe you can tell why I love this lady! just look at all the colors and the inspiration, it's amazing....

do you have any MWA obsessions?


  1. Oh wow, she is AMAZING! Love all those fabrics, could you imagine having that job! XO!

  2. So much fabulous pattern work!!

  3. Gorgeous feature with so many pieces to drool over! I love love love that club chair. I am of course a fan of all her work and am so glad you featured her.

    x Charlotta


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