Sunday, July 11, 2010

Would You Join Me For Sunday Brunch??? PLEASE.....

OK - so I know many of you played dress up when you were little girls, and I know most of you probably also enjoy a great Sunday brunch like I do. Sipping mimosas, having great waffles, pancakes, fresh strawberries, juices and oooohhh, way too much to eat. Well, I would love it if you guys would go to Sunday Brunch with me. No, not that kind of brunch - {even though I secretly wish I could host an enormous brunch for all my fair bloggy friends, so we could chat, have tea and mimosas} - an even better kind of brunch. The kind that involves dressing up in vintage and couture pieces and being fair mademoiselles...

I recently came across this little shop and I must say that my first dress here will be well worth it! Just take a look:

all images via SBDS

So, will you join me at Sunday Brunch?


  1. What a great idea. I use to love playing dress up when I was younger.....the best part was wearing the high heels and pretending I was a woman lol!!

  2. These dresses are fabulous! What a wonderful find. Thank you for introducing us all to this shop. I'm off to click the link. =)

  3. These dresses are so pretty! I'd love to wear the white one shoulder dress to brunch this sunday! Hope you had a great weekend.


  4. These are all amazing dresses - I am the biggest vintage lover and lets just say that little black + white dress is calling my name...

  5. Awesome dresses Kiki - this is a great find! I love little boutique shops...

  6. Yes, yes I will! I am obsessed with all these dresses Kiki! Love!

    Happy Monday sweetie!

  7. I would love a bloggy brunch - how fun would that be?! Fabulous dresses, I can't pick a favorite. They're all so different and wonderful!


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