Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. X: Oh No You Didn't.....Again!

Well, since my post last week was such a great laugh, I thought I would continue to share with you the ramblings and shenanigans of Mr. X. I have realized that Mr. X can be compared to one of my favorite Jane Austen characters, Mr. Darcy. Very quiet mannered and charismatic, Mr. X believes that I rarely pay attention to the things he does or says.........A few nights ago, we are talking on the phone (he is currently out of state) and I must admit, I was busy finishing my blog posts, I mean I have to keep my creativity going, right? I say to him, babe what are you doing, you seem really quiet? He responds, I am playing a game on my phone, but I'm listening to you (sure you are!). After which I say, let’s talk and can you put the game down and I'll stop typing, he responds why, I can concentrate on doing both!!! red flags are going off...

{Before I continue, I want to let you guys know that we hadn’t spoken for the entire day because he ran me off the phone earlier to watch soccer with the boys. I didn’t complain; in fact, I told him to go ahead and watch the world cup and we would talk later.}

So, fast forward five to six hours later and you would think he would be ready to talk, right?……Well, not really! Longing for a little deep conversation {how dare me?}, I say, babe let’s have a meaningful conversation – he responds, we are! we can talk while I’m playing the game on my phone. Of course at this point, I am getting a little annoyed because this makes no sense. I then say, can you give me the “110%” that you always talk about? His favorite statement is, “babe, I’m giving you 110%, every time, all the time” - sadly enough, this didn't seem like 110% to me! He continues by saying, I am giving you a 110%, because the game only requires the use of my fingers, not my brains or my focus!

Are you kidding me? Oh no he didn’t just tell me that he can concentrate on talking with me while playing his game and watching TV at the same time. Talk about an immediate WTH? That’s how I felt! Of course, I say to him, babe are you serious?……Nothing…..No Response…...Nothing.......all I hear are the keys being played on his phone.....

I think I had a right to be frustrated, what do you think? Can you concentrate on talking while playing a game?


  1. I would have been frustrated too!
    And no you can't even talk on the phone and try to watch TV at the same time,much less play a game and talk... its one or the other buddy! AH,MEN!

  2. Guys think they can multitask but really they are horrible at it! You totally deserve to be frustrated!

  3. Most definitely have a right to be frustrated, call your best girl and give her and earful or just blog about it. We're always willing to listen. =)

  4. Men have no ears...I'm certain of it. Even looking you dead in the eye, nothing!


  5. Oh, I get this all the time with DH. It hurts my brain to even think about it. After awhile you feel lonely and want to connect with someone, and the first person you choose is your spouse. Well if they are not there, who do you turn too? Your friends, internet, phone. Then you get, well you're always on the phone or internet.... Yup it makes my head hurt.

  6. Sometimes I think we sound like the teachers from "Peanuts", all whaa whaa whaant whaant whaaa, to them. I swear that I can tell hubs something and he will turn around and ask me a question that I answered just 2 minutes before when I was talking to him!!

  7. We must be married to the same guy because I get that often! What is with our men? lol
    Thanks for linking up Kiki! Just a reminder...you're more than welcome to link up for OH NO HE DIDN'T! Tuesday but if you don't mind I'd love for you to link back to me either by grabbing a button or using a text link. Thanks again! Your post was great. :)

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  8. LOL how funny! ... kiki, men can NOT multitask trust me!! If I talk to my boyfriend while hes watching TV. It's a done deal, He did not listen lol!

    women can multitask I don't care what anyone says. That's all we have do!

    But I totally see your point. I don't think he can listen while doing something else haha

  9. Ok, bashing Mr. X ladies, this is to funny, I love the responses...thanks! Of course Kiki did not explain that she too talks on the phone and plays a game...hehehe. I multi task very well by the way...to give her 110%...even when looking at TV or stuff...so the question is is she giving me 100 percent when on the phone, looking at TV, and typing on the laptop or surfing the internet on her phone? Please give me a great answer. By the way loveya KIKI!!!!!

  10. I can't hate too much on Mr. X, because I know there have been times when I may have been guilty of the same thing, not paying attention when I should be giving 100%... I have been doing better...


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