Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday.......

A few days ago, I was left thinking about a statement my mother made to me. She said, "you should stop trying to fit your plan into life and instead try to fit life into its own plan." Now, while I didn't give much thought to what my mother was actually saying until later, I realized that she made sense because life is all about dealing with the curve balls that we get thrown and then making the best out of them...... So, my word of wisdom today is found in this nifty little quote:


  1. Thanks kiki for the words of wisdom I will definately take this advice as constructive criticism. I'm always too busy trying to find myself. I just wrote about that on my latest blog acutally. There was some good that came out of me thinking about who I am today. I got to realise who I'm not anymore! and that made me feel alot better :)

  2. Agree with your mother. They are always so full of wisdom! xx

    Think the nifty quote should say "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about BEING yourself"..
    'coz I think we are already great and we just need to come to believe that and allow ourselves to be who we are.

    xx C

  3. That's great, I totally agree! I just try to go with the flow in life, it seems to go so much better when I do that! Have a fabulous day! XO!

  4. Thoughts create reality!
    P.s.... I loved that you used the word nifty, that's the 2nd time I heard someone say it this week. Pretty spiffy :)

  5. Hi Kiki......I am new to blogging and came across your blog. I love the inspiration on thing post....I came across the quote about life at chapters not to long ago...and I always think about it lately. I enjoy reading your blogs so far


  6. This seems so simple, but at times it can be elusive... have fun creating the life you want!

  7. Yes! it is so true - made me think about about all the things we do..Charlotta - I like that, it's about being yourself and that's so true..


  8. thx for this - love coming across quotes like this that inspire me!! so true...


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