Friday, June 25, 2010

re-invent, re-imagine and re-design... Renaissance Redux

With spring market well into full force, I wanted to highlight how vintage is now in the spotlight when it comes to new design pieces. The trend of re-inventing, re-imagining and re-designing classic looks and making them current and up to date is well into full swing.

Renaissance Redux: the term given to the era that embraces a rebirth full of ease and earthiness. Rustic materials like terra cotta and reclaimed wood temper elements of formality, while maintaining an informal attitude. A palette consisting of greens, ochre and gold highlights ever-stylish, understated simplicity. Reminding me of the era of Julius Cesar or of Socrates...

1. Encore's bronze bust
2. Plush tufting contributes to the classic charm of Hancock & Moore's petite chair.
3. Leaf damask Port 68's piquant stool, defined by ornate barley twist legs
4. An ornate damask motif hand embroidered pillow by Home Texco's
5. From New Growth Designs, a small boxwood topiary in a square terra cotta pot
6. The Umbria table from Peninsula Home Collection made of reclaimed wood tops a simply carved base
7. Sterling's heavily distressed urn lamp reveals vibrant carnelian beneath a Tuscan ochre finish
8. Opera rug from Wildcat Territory by Delos
9. Habersham's carved floor mirror with the requisite carving in a rich, deep finish.

Is the renaissance era-restored for you?


  1. Kiki,

    I just love chair #2! Awesome decor.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Ooh, I'm loving your selection. One or two pieces in particular are calling me, namely the chair and the urn lamp.... lovely post!

    Have a fantastic weekend, Kiki and thank you so much for your lovely comment left on my blog.


  3. I do love this look and I'm really loving your selections. That Hancock & Moore chair is terrific ... I can think of at least 3 places it would work in my own house!


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