Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Find: 6-18-2010

Wow, I can't believe it is Friday already and let me just say that it has been a long week. For all my fellow blogmates, there's a lot for me to say. First, sorry for not being as active in checking out your blogs and getting involved with your bloggy world! Second, thanks to the Drama Mama from the Scoop on Poop for my second blog award. Let me just say that I feel like really horrible - almost as if I don't deserve it at all. Third, my gosh how time is flying in this bloggy world! and it seems like I am gaining a few great blog friends along the way. Fourth, here are a few of my favorite posts for the week:

1. If You're a pillow person, then you'll be Crushing on Pillows over at Leah's Place
2. Her Name Was Lola, gives you seven awe-inspiring images of vintage "iconicness"
3. Be inspired by the lovely Birkin of a Bag over at Tiptoe Butterfly
4. Let LaBella Bungalow make you head over heels with the Clowns!! I promise it will be fun!!
5. Get Checked and Cheerful with the Little Blue Deer
6. Want to get into beach mode A La Gisele Bundchen, hop over to the Simply Luxurious Life
7.  Find inspirations for your summer style at Lemons and Laundry

And fifth, enjoy your weekend!!! and I have a treat for you guys in my next post!!

So, what plans do you have do you have for the weekend?


  1. Thanks for the shout out!! Have a great weekend! I am getting some sun and hiking.


  2. OK, so I know I have been remiss and I feel you, this week has been super-hectic...Thank you for my blog award, I will have to give some serious thought to whom I will be passing it on to. Thanks for the blog love, and I will be getting back to posting soon...

  3. Thanks for asking Kiki :) I'm just relaxing by the pool with a friend and my mom. Finally we get some down time and great weather! I hope you are going to have a great weekend too!!!

  4. Kiki,

    Thank so much for including me in your list! The other links looks fantastic. Off to first check out Lemons and Laundry (just the name is lovely). Have the exact weekend you're looking forward and as always thanks for visiting. I always enjoy seeing comments from you. =)

  5. Ooh, have to check out the crushing on pillows link...I have an obsession with them :)!! Lots of great links to check out - thx for sharing!

  6. have a great weekend, dear!!! im having 2 parties: one on sat and the other sunday.. should be something to look forward to :D

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