Monday, June 14, 2010

The Power of Color.....

Color is powerful; it can inspire a visceral reaction, evoke an emotional response, or punctuate an idea, a feeling or a moment in time. There’s no better way to express your vision than creating a palette… Dwell June Issue. To illustrate this thought, here are a few uses of color that depict modern inspirations!

Does this inspire a visceral reaction?

What emotional response does this evoke?

What feeling do you get looking at this interior?

Does it bring a feeling back?

Here is my way of expressing myself using color- I love soft tones combined with bright, bold additions!!

Photos courtesy of Elle D├ęcor


  1. Ok - let me just say that I love color and you are right, it does bring out a certain emotion in me! When a room has color, it lifts my mood and makes me feel more content! With that said, I think sometimes color can be too much color and so having balance is very important!

  2. Hi Kiki! I have something for you.

  3. Love the images, and I especially love your inspiration interior! Color does evoke strong responses, like I am going to tell you that I really don't enjoy too much the third room - the colors are too muted! I prefer brighter, livelier colors...

  4. Love it!! The colors in the first picture are lovely=)

  5. I agree I really like the first rooom! its cozy and pink!

  6. I love this second picture! I love how you can just stare at it forever! I LOVE color too!


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