Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mr. X: No You Didn't!!

OK guys, I've got one for you today! You may have noticed that I refer to Mr. X somewhat frequently. Well, Mr. X is the proverbial love of my life and the person who makes me laugh, smile and gives me butterflies and sometimes he makes me a little frustrated. Last night we were talking about a topic that we seem to disagree about, ready for it? ..... how many times per day should you shower!!! I know, I know, what sort of topic is this, right? Now, here's how this conversation plays out:

Mr. X: babe, today was a long day and a busy one at the office.......I am really tired!
Me: babe, just take a shower and get in the bed and get some rest
Mr. X: no, I am not taking shower, I already had one for the day - this morning, and I'm not dirty
Me: oh, I forget you are the only need to take one shower kinda guy, uh?
Mr.X: yep, you've got that right...
Me: babe - you know you can take more than one shower a day especially if you are going to be laying the bed with someone!
Mr.X: babe, you love all my "scrumptiousness" and I'm not dirty...........wait, my arm smells funky.........ooopps, I guess I forgot to put on roll-on this morning!!!
Me: WTH, are you serious, see this is what I'm talking about!!! how can you go 16-17 hours (he starts working at approx. 8am and doesn't get done until about 7, in bed by about 11), and not want to shower??
Mr. X: babe, men take one shower a's different for a woman, here's why:
you guys have more skin (if you know what I mean?)
you sit and we stand when we do stuff - gravity is in our favor
you've got to smell good, that's just a given for a woman
we don't sweat as much - our glands are different
so, we've got more air flowing through our bodies
Me: No you didn't just give me all these reasons why you should not shower more than once daily!!
Mr. X: I'll do you one better......{his brother is calling him now}....he answers the phone, and asks his brother, "hey man, do you shower more than once a day?" replies, "no, what for....maybe unless I go to the gym or something," - see babe, told ya!!
Me: So, that's your brother, whose girlfriend doesn't really care...
Mr. X: babe, unless I go to the gym, I am pretty clean all day and I'm only taking one shower, why don't you ask your blog readers because I am sure that their boyfriends/husbands only shower once, it's just a man thing..... I am telling you!!!

Guys, is it just me, or is he right? Do men really only need to take one shower a day?


  1. This is such a funny one. I shower daily and that is if I'm lucky. My husband could shower 3 times in a day, but he's a sweater. He could think too hard and perspire. Seriously. But he doesn't complain too much. lol

  2. This is a really funny post!! My fiance is a super clean person - I mean he grooms himself way more than I do. This also means that when it comes to showers, if he feels an ounce of anything, he's going to jump into the shower!!! I think that it really depends on the guy..LOL

  3. LMAO - Mr. X, oh no you didn't!! I think if Kiki would like to smell you fresh after a shower, you should grant her that wish!!! Especially seeing that you stated that women are supposed to smell good, on that same note, we like our men smelling good too...My husband is sort like you, I feel he showers whenever he wants to but after 17 hour days, he hops in the shower, and I don't have to ask either...LOL.. This was a cute post...Love it!

  4. Just found your cheerful blog. Glad I did! Love love the colors and happiness over here in your sweet little corner of the world.
    Wishing you a lovely day! xx

  5. Unfortunately the men Im surrounded by which is mainly my father, brother and boyfriend shower once a day too!! actually minus my brother he showers alot!... but its because he comes home from work gets ready to go out comes back home and gets ready to go somewhere else! he is a clean freak.. but my boyfriend showers once a day too and so does my dad....

    I agree with you kiki! showering should be more than once a day especially after a hard day. Some times it's not necessary if you spend a whole day home.

    BUT!! Inform mister X that my brother showers more than me and I shower 2 times at least but alot more than that sometimes too. And also, women perspire alot less than men! when we sweat we glow ;) lol... when they sweat they sweat! That's because men produce more tetosterone than women.

    I hope Mr. X understands where im coming from... lol funnny blog Kiki!!!

    definately looking foward to more!

    This blog was hilarious... Im gonna get my boyrfriend to shower alittle more often now!

  6. Actually,m the sad part is that he may be right!! My husband has the same philosophy and it drives me babanas!!!

  7. This is Mr. X, I love the comments, I understand you ladies, but as my point is proven, it seems that most of your men agree with me. As I told Kiki, unless I had a hot stiky day, I am usually pretty fresh. I do wash my face and brush my teeth and feel very fresh. Now if I go to the gym after work I do shower yall...regardless Kiki did indicate she loves my "scrumptiouness."

  8. This post is so funny. As are the follow up comments. I have nothing to add really, except to say that men sweat way more than women on average. I'm sure there's some kind of study to prove that. I say shower when you feel like it, and when your partner asks, if you want them to be within smelling distance. :P

    P.S. There's an award for you on my blog. :)

  9. OK Mr X, you are soooo wrong... There is no way that I would agree with you, especially if you are going to lay down next to someone in a bed at night. Common courtesy requires that you come to bed smelling fresh as a daisy, and I can say this with no bias, because I don't even like to bathe (and yes I am a female). However, even though I don't like to bathe it does not mean I don't do it, I have to bathe before I set foot outside the house, even in winter. And if I am going out again I will do it again, I will shower up to four, five times a day if necessary. And I know men who will shower the same way, I think you are definitely in the minority. Stick to your guns Kiki, he'll come around eventually. And give him the speech, "Rule #1- I am always right, Rule #2-If ever I am wrong, check Rule #1... Laters!

  10. My husband usually only showers once a day, unless we're going somewhere that night and I'm able to convince him the 2nd shower is necessary. I feel your pain!

  11. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.Read your post and iloveit.As for showering, my husband showers once a day and that's enough for me.(unless he's been working out of course) I like the way he smells and i guess we Europeans (i'm not French though) are different in this. Clean but let's not get compulsive about it. I hear you Mr. X after such a long day at work you just need some rest. xx

  12. Ah, I think that if you are sleeping next to someone, yes you should shower before going to bed. It keeps your sheets from smelling funky too.

  13. PS, and Mr. X you know good and well you need to take a shower before going to bed, what if she didn't shower before going to bed?

  14. Haha! This was hilarious. My husband works outside and showers at least once a day. If he's had a particularly sweaty day he'll shower again. He knows that if he gets in bed sweaty I could possibly kick him out or not cuddle up against him. Basically it's all about consequences. If he's smelly, he gets no lovin. lol
    I host a weekly meme called "OH NO HE DIDN'T!" Tuesday. I'd love for you to play along or at least link this post up on my linky, even if it is Friday. Stop on by and check it out. My hubby does some pretty crazy things too. lol Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

    PS Here's the link:

  15. LOL...
    My husband showers once to twice a day...if he showers in the morning and goes to the gym later that evening, he will shower again.
    But if no gym, then he will be content with his morning shower that day.

  16. Mr. X! this is know I think that men do believe that things like showers are only an absolutely need it, then do it kind of a thing! my husband, the same exact way! and funny you even have this topic because last week we had a tiff about my son, who is now getting into the habit of not wanting to shower at all...yes, you heard me and I tell my husband that it's all is fault because, the boys are taking after him. To make it even funnier, my son says to me, mom why do I have to shower if dad doesn't? I told my husband that he better fix it because there is no room around my house for non-bathing men and that includes him. And, whenever he thinks he's getting lucky, oh well - you better take a shower! So, Mr.X - i suggest you heed to giving Kiki what she desires, especially when you are sharing the bed together. Kiki, then maybe you should role reverse - how would he like that?

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  18. My hubs is in the type of industry that really requires him to shower more then once a day. If he stinks, he sleeps in the bed alone.

    Stopping in from Kristi's over at Live and Love...Out Loud.

  19. New here and reading backwards from recent to earlier posts. Giggling as I am reading your recited conversations with Mr X.
    I am with you on the two showers a day rule - especially for the guys. It's a fact that men smell more (read: worse) than women..
    I'm lucky though, my huz showers morning and night. No smelly armpits in our bed! :)

    Hang on in there sister!

    x Charlotta


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