Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's the Deal With Embellishments?

While I am not the biggest trend person (OK, so I have to admit in all fairness that I do have my moments when I get carried away with some new finagles), - and I do not begin to profess that trends are the way to go or not the way to go for that matter; I DO have my moments when I question myself. "What the heck is wrong with you?" Don't you know that some things are just not doable....and in my head at the same time, I am thinking - I am going to make this one work no matter what...ENTER: EMBELLISHMENTS......

                                                           featured in haute couture

                                                    seen in everyday wear via J Crew

                                                   adorned on the runways in hosiery

donned by Burberry

worn around our necks...

makes you look like a goddess...

makes wonderful head wear...

even makes great home accessories.....

gives me the chills every time I pass this in the store (I am still saving...)

so, why is it that when it comes to me signing the deal of this little beauty above - I keep chickening out?.... I love these sandals, but each time I put my foot into it, I have so many mini macs in my head going all sorts of direction....To be honest the $185 price tag is probably the biggest little demon running around up there...but for the original price tag of $350... it's a steal, right?


  1. Why is it that shoes are so darn expensive these days? Even flop flops?! And don't get me started on bags! I like the sandals but i'll like them even more when they get marked down again!

  2. Wow...embellishments!
    I love the goddess gown = gorgeous!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, looking forward to keeping up with you!

  3. I love embellishments, in small doses! That dress is to die for, btw. I don't know about the shoes, part of me says go for it, they are gorgeous, the other part, I'd have the same reaction, a little hard on the wallet! XO!

  4. Probably because for that price tag we want to look goddess from head to toe and not JUST our toes! Your photo selections to showcase the embellishment craze are fabulous and I conquer on the shoes you are saving for :) Your blog trees in your header are S-Kute!!

  5. LMAO - I love these sandals but like Style Attic says, for that price tage, we divas need to be embellished from head to toe...and I agree...That's probably why you have so many mini macs running around in your head and why you haven't sealed the deal yet...Love this post BTW...

  6. Great post. Love everything especially those Jimmy Choos!!

  7. Love your picks. I have embellished tops and tanks and while they look good they are hard to clean!

  8. Yes, a steal for sure.And my dear Kiki, I think you must tell the biggest and loudest of those little demons to take a hike elsewhere so that you can do the same in those fabulous shoes! Go for it love ('xuse the pun there..)!

    x Charlotta

  9. I love it! I'm obsessed the the J. Crew sweaters and any clothing at all with adornment of fraying fabric flowers. It's so dang cute!
    Lila Ferraro

  10. Yes, I do love these selections, and I must admit that I love embellishments too. I have this great necklace from Kate Spade and these sandals I got for the summer and I love them. Now, my sandals were no where close to $185 but thos do look cute and they're Jimmy's right? So, I think they will outlast their weight in gold.

  11. These are gorgeous! That second outfit would be a great for every day and then the white dress for going out... Can't wait for more, I'm following! Come visit my blog!

  12. Ok, so I too hate over-embellishment, but see nothing wrong with a little sparkle now and then to make the day go by, love the Jimmy Choos, the dress would have to be simple though, in order to pull off those shoes... The dress is great too and I also love those wine glass tags you can get from Pier1 or Crate & Barrel.


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