Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here Comes the Bride: Preparing for a summer wedding!

So this year, I have a few weddings to attend but what I am really looking forward to is a destination wedding in the Caribbean! A vacation with all the perks! The beach, the cabanas, the food, the weather, the dresses, and flowers… So, here is what I envision:

A fun flirty cocktail wedding dress: The Lanvin Bridal Spring/Summer 2010 collection has a wide range of styles and materials, but the ruffle dress is by far my favorite. Combining a cocktail dress with a clean color, makes it great for a summer wedding at the beach.

Relaxing: relaxing in a cabanna by the beach with a regular flow of mojitos is clearly a must!

Beautiful Beach: and what would a destination wedding be without the white sandy beaches to enjoy! The opportunity to lay around by the beach, get a tan and read a great book.

Flowers: and of course, no wedding is complete without great flowers to inspire the moment!

So, do you have any fun wedding plans for the summer?


  1. Do I?? Hahaa we have 8!! I am on "wedding overload" and I hate t say it but I am "over it" :/

    PS. we have one this friday night! FRIDAY!?!

  2. Great dress pics!
    If I had gotten married on the beach, I would have totally had a short, fun, flirty dress.
    I don't know how some of the brides do it with those heavy dresses on the sandy beach.


  3. I loved Tori's short dress at her vow renewal! Perfect for the beach! Great post!

  4. Yes, I love this post, especially since we have a June wedding at the end of the month in Cabo -Yahhh! I told my husband that I am going all out because this is probably going to be our vacation also! A week away from the office, the hustle and bustle, cell phones, get the drift!! and thanks for all the ideas...I will certainly send you some pics of the event!

  5. When the day comes, and it is my turn to get married, it will definitely be on the beach and I will totally be wearing one of those short, flirty dresses!

  6. Looks like its going to be an amazing day, love the first photo!

    D E G A I N E

  7. omg!!! these are all so dreamy and perfect!!!! aaahh!!! :D love this post!

    Animated Confessions

  8. My pick for summer wedding dresses is the Short Tuxedo dress that JCrew did a couple years ago. I love it, as well as the Sophia dress... Maybe I will get a chance to wear it to my own wedding... soon!


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