Thursday, June 17, 2010

All the Little Girls in Frills....Here We Go...

I am girl that loves her feminine dresses and all those things that jazz! While I believe that every girl should have at least one dress that’s fun and flirty and makes her feel feminine, there are just some dresses that don’t make the cut! This past weekend, I was looking at Louise Goldin’s Spring 2010 collection and let’s just say there are few that are hits, and few that are misses in my book!!

Her collection was inspired by Versace’s mid-nineties advertising campaigns and were brought together with curlicues and poufed shorts and the now infamous Jean Paul Gaultier spiked-bra worn by Madonna back in the nineties. She manages to mix together all of these elements, as well as pastel tones, gold lurex and baby-doll silhouettes and to my disappointment, a few were a little too tacky and others were certainly functional and fun!

What’s a hit in your book when it comes to feminine dresses?

Images courtesy of Louise Goldin Runway


  1. Some of these dresses you can wear in public, others not so much. But there still fun!
    I look for color,ruffles and bows in feminine dresses. Or what ever great feminine accessory you can add to a simple dress, like SHOES! :)

  2. Thses colors are soo beautiful and pale. Dresses are great too but i'm afraid i wouldn't dare to wear them in public. xx

  3. THese are interesting dresses. I am probably most comfortable in an empire waisted flowing sundress.

    Thanks for commenting twice. I saw them both. I had to enable comment moderation for blogs older then 2 days because I kept getting spammers so I saw them both. I loved that you commented twice!!

    And you are very welcome. ;) I'm so glad Kristi pointed you out to me.


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