Saturday, May 15, 2010

All About Chairs..and the Urban Market!!!

It poured cats and dogs today in Houston, so the Urban Market was a no go, well at least for me.. Today, I received an email stating that "It's On - The Urban Market Antique Show is Sunday May 16, from 9-4pm. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a blissfully sunny day and antique shopping I will go. In the meantime, I am posting a few inspiration chairs for the office chair I am in such desperate need of. Maybe you guys can let me know which ones are your favorite.

via {Sanity Fair}

The Dolina Sidechair, Michael S. Smith. | The Cracked Ice Chair (I heart this chair), McGuire, | The Eclipse Chair, Beeline Home

The Barbara Barry Script Chair, McGuire {Maybe with a red base and black & white seat fabric}

The Modern Glamor Chippendale Armchair, Ethan Allen

{Maybe also with a red base}



  1. My choice is Option# 1 - I love the Cracked Ice Chair, I think that chair is simply awesome...

  2. I like your taste! All the chairs are nice-looking but I do think that the Cracked Ice Chair is particularly attractive and unique. Love it. Thanks for visiting my blog - OMG! Yummy. I really like the design of your blog. I notice in your background that you are in marketing and communications (my career for 20 years). Did you design this site yourself? It's really fun.

  3. Oooh! I love Option #2. The red base with black and white fabric will look amazing! You've got a great blog here. What a beautiful layout and talk about pretty.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my place. I love Spring too! Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  4. Stopping in from SITs. Your blog is lovely, the design is so clean and relaxing. I love the picture!

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and leaving your thumb-prints. Also, thank you for the wonderful comments. This blog was actually designed by Leelou and I did a few tweaks myself. I love it - it is very bright and colorful and it makes me want to blog everyday. I hope you will stop by often...



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