Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Top 10 Chairs Fit For A Man

man. chair [maan châr] n. - man's essential piece of furniture consisting of a seat, a back, a cup holder, a magazine rack, a back scratcher, two yarns of rope, a beer, the remote, the TV, the "don't bother me, I'm watching football look", his gadgets and maybe even an arm and a leg. - All designed to accommodate one thing - A MAN!.

We've heard of the infamous man chair; that chair that sits like a big hover craft with so many options, a man doesn't know what to do with himself. Well, it seems as though we have a new age of ergonomically designed leather bound throne for men to celebrate all that is glorious about being a man. Here are a few options, just in case you are thinking about investing in that "one of a kind" derriere suitable man chair.

1. The Brentwood Leather Chair by Distinction Leather - $1855.00

2. The Mac Motion Brick Bonded Leather Swivel Recliner with Ottoman - $699
The ultimate in euro design and comfort is our triple back model covered in "Bonded Leather", which is a man made leather everywhere you touch.

3. The Eden Chair - This well-constructed modern Eden chair is a man's must have! - $1459.99

4. The Catnapper Deluxe Sampson Big Mans Rocker Recliner - $599.99

{When it comes to comfort, well who can get enough of this?}

5.  The Malung Swivel Armchair - $169  

6. The Manhattan Leather Armchair - $1399-$1995

7. The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - $3699-$4599 - For the ultra mod man!

8. The Drake Barrelback Chair -  $1495

{My favorite of them all}


  1. I shared this post with my husband because it is absolutely time for him to get a new chair.. The chair in our living room needs to be dumped along any major freeway!! I loved option# 1, he happened to love option# 4! You go figure...

    PS. Love your blog...keep up the good work..

  2. Don't have a man to put in the 'man' chair, but I would have to go with the one in the first pic, cause it looks most comfy and multi-functional, it has pockets to hold stuff and he will be able to find the remote, etc., etc., and not call me every 30 seconds or when the commercial comes on the TV...LOL No, but seriously whichever one makes him the most happy and comfortable when the NFL countdown starts on SUnday afternoon...

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