Friday, May 21, 2010

Color Me This....Color Me That...

What do you get when you mix and match colors? When you pair red with black with blue, or orange with pink with brown? It seems that more and more I get drawn to colorful palettes. I love color - as if you couldn't tell from the design on this blog!!! Today, I was talking to Mr. X and I mentioned that I thought a red chair for the office would be great. I hear the pause in his voice...and then he says...."Red, uh? Babe, don't you think that maybe we have enough color in the house already?" I immediately responded, "no..what too much color - there can never be too much color!!"

So, what do you guys think? When is color too much to handle? Here are a few designs that I absolutely love the use of color!






Photos courtesy of Elle Decor


  1. I think colors in a room are necessary - it is multi-dimensional and can totally change the look of a room... I love "mauve and pink" - my favorite colors...

  2. My choice is the "Jolly Green Giant" - I like the colors. The colors are not bright yet they are colorful. The others just seem really confusing...

    Love you..

  3. i love the polka dot affair! thanks for checking out my blog and YES I LOVE bamboo chairs! stay cool in the houston heat!


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