Monday, May 10, 2010

Table For One Please!!

This past weekend, while I was not able to have mother's day dinner with my mom, I was able to have a wonderful dinner with myself! I pulled out all the stops, wine, napkins, silverware, my tall stemmed goblet glass, the place settings and of course - the food! Sometimes dinner with yourself can be so relaxing and sultry - I loved it!

My wine glasses "goblets" were the Mikasa Cheers Artistry collection. They are very unique appearance, texture, and technique. The Tapestry pattern is heavily sandblasted colored glass that reveals four unique patterns that are fanciful and artistic. They are also available in martini, white wine and flute glasses!

My placemat and napkins I picked up at Crate and Barrel and they were on sale. I loved the design because it reminded me of the Fringe Studio floral vases I absolutely love. The colors are very spring time, yet subdued by the solid brown.

My plates, I picked up from Macy's when they had their 2-day sale. I love these plates, very chic and sexy. I have them in white, black and a teal blue.

My flatware were handed down to me by my mother and I love them! However, they are just sentimental and with no price tag attached to it. The closest set I could think of that I also love so much is the Mikasa flatware set I saw on sale at Macy's. They have swirling stems of Cocoa Blossom and comes in a 65-piece flatware set. Very fancy and floral-inspired.

The wine was phenomenal - I love sweet, savory and light wines and this bottle was great! It was a bottle of  Bartenura Moscato 2009 from Italy that I picked up at SPEC's.

The food - I whipped up an authentic Jamaican cuisine that I love so much, jerk chicken with rice and beans, and a broccoli salad. It was yummy! I find really great recipes here: RECIPES


  1. Where can I find Caribbean recipes and how do I make my food look that good?

  2. Did you take any photos of your table setting? I bet it looked amazing!

  3. I didn't actually take any photos of the table setting. When I thought about it, it was way too late. Next time, I will.

    PS. you can find great recipes on the link it in the post next to recipes...

    Thanks for reading..

  4. OK all I can say is unbelieveable... But great to hear that you are cooking and stuff, where is my cheesecake?


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