Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Independent Woman's Carryall - Proud to Be A Woman

When I walk the streets today, or even search through blogs, I realize that there are so many independent working women who are doing their thing - makes me proud to be a woman. I think every woman needs that super hold-it-all handbag that will never disappoint...through rain or shine, sleuth or snow, it will still be under control. So, my question today is: what's in your carryall? Here are a few of the things I just cannot live without.
My BlackBerry - aka "the crackberry" - this is my life line.
I have work emails, my company's email and everything else - all the touch of a button.

A notebook - ever since I started blogging, I especially need this handy little writing gadget.
It allows me to jot my thoughts down and organize all the floating ideas I have.

Hand Sanitizer - let's just say, that ever since swine flu came into the picture, I have been very cautious about keeping my hands germ free - I love the collection at Bath and Body Works!

A girl has got to have her makeup handy.
My days are long and some evenings I have to go schmoozing..
My laptop! Where would I be without this little beauty!
it's full of all the things I need to survive, like blogging!!Yahh..

My Ipod Nano!! All I can say is kudos to APPLE...
and I made a difference with part proceeds being donated to help the fight against AIDS in Africa.

my camera - you just never know when you're going to have a Kodak moment!

My favorite pair of sunglasses - Michael Kors Alfani.
I don't think you can live in Texas without a pair of shades..I can't imagine living without these..

tic tac - I have one packet in my purse, a packet in my car and another packet at my desk.
these are a essential for those days when you're feeling like you just need a fresh minty breath!

My personalized keypost key chain that has my information
etched into it - just in case I lose them!! which happens..


  1. Wow - awesome post! Let's see, my must have carryall items are a pack of gum, my Iphone, my Ipod, a scarf that my nana gave me, a notebook and pen and a little stuffed animal my son gave me for Mother's Day..

  2. What's in my carryall? lots of junk, but the most important of which are: my blackberry, my keys, my camera, bills, hand wipes, orbitz gum and everything else...


  3. Oh my I wish had a this stuff in my bag. I mostly have a bunch of random stuff! Lol cute post

  4. Exactly. You took my post for Friday...back to the drawing board. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. OK so after I read this I had to dump my Aldo pocketbook all out on my bed, and I got you beat- BTW I need a new carryall, still loving the Michael Kors from your earlier post...I have my wallet, my blackberry aka "blueberry" (it works when it feels like) a comb, my sunglasses, gum, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, makeup, keys, my must have Bigelow mint teabags, those starbucks on the go cofee singles, my camera, train and bus schedules, feminine emergency product pouch, my umbrella, phone charger, Ipod and charger, safety pins (my mom always said I should keep one on me)and last but by no means least my tweezer. And that's on a light day...LOL


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