Saturday, May 22, 2010

There Goes the Neighbor...{HOOD...}

So, normally I am not the venting kind, (OK, I am! - just never really on my blog)....however, today I am so irked {I don't even know if this is a word, but it's appropriate for this post}, that I decided I had to share this little experience with you all...I have been living in my townhouse now for about four months. While I do not proclaim to be the most friendliest neighbor in the complex, I am certainly nice to everyone I meet!! My neighbor, whose townhouse is directly beside mine has never really spoken to me. I have said hi a few times to get just a mere...hhmmm. A few days ago, after seeing him walk into his home, I went over to say hi and introduce myself. here is how this scene played out: I knocked - he, while chatting on his phone, comes to the door and looks through the peephole (I am guessing) - since I hear him at the door chatting...minute one, minute response...he does nothing!!! I knock again (pretending in my head that maybe he was naked (go figure) and was getting his clothes on - see that's the optimist in me...) and nothing...and still....NOTHING!!

I say to myself, WTH - I guess he doesn't speak...and if by some unforeseen circumstance, he should need someone to rescue him while there is a fire - just saying!! - I know where I will be - in my peep hole....

So, my question for today is: what do you do when you have an unfriendly neighbor?


  1. That is so rude! Ignore him.... He sounds selfish.

  2. And btw... That picture is hilarious!!! Nice choice!

  3. Hmmm, I'd say let it go. You made the effort to be friendly a few times and he's obviously not receptive to it. That's a sign that he's not worth getting to know anyway. I'm sorry you have such an unfriendly neighbor.
    Thanks for stopping by my place the other day. I've been on a bit of a blogging break but I'm back and ready to rock. Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  4. awkward! he must be anti-social. can you imagine doing that to someone who came to your door...don't even waste your time girl.

  5. Weird .. he obviously has a problem. I say don't worry about it..and hopefully he will not have a fire anytime soon..

    Love your blog and I love the photo..ROTF..

  6. he is such an a**. what a prick. So much for being friendly. lol maybe you scare him HAhaha


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