Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friends, Fashion and Food!

Last night after getting my weekly Gossip Girls fix, I was haunted by one of Blair's infamous quotes: "....whether it's in love or war, .. [there's nothing more than] knowing you have friends and fashion!

Friends: Today, I have created my own quote of day: "In life, there is nothing more important than great friends, good food, fashion and everything else.." I was reminded of this today after speaking with Mr. X. Many of us go through life without having many friends, while others are very blessed to have friends who are always there. I have been one of those lucky people - blessed with many friends and others who care. My friends have been through the rough times, the good times, the great times and of course the crazy times with me. And while I could say that I have always been the good friend, it's simply not true. When we look at our true friends, we tend to uncover who we really are and what we value.

Today, Mr. X needed a friend and I was there. Last week, I needed a friend for reasons I couldn't explain, and he was there. It all goes without saying, friends are invaluable, they allow the sunshine to pass through untold places. Great friends are very hard to come by and we should always cherish our friendships and hold them close to our hearts. To all my friends who read my rants, thanks for being friends and I love you! To my friends who don't read my rants, well, I am just going to have to tell you how much I love you some other time. To Mr. X, I love you - you have become my best friend and I cherish our friendship and the things we do more than you know!


  1. Great post - friends are awesome...Sometimes I don't know what I ould do without mine...

  2. Yes! great friends, good food and fashion...I absolutely agree..Without my friends, I cant't even imagine! Love your blog, this was an inspirational post. I will keep following..

  3. Ok so I am not going to even remind you how many times I have been there, and Mr. X is the only one who gets a shout out??? I should be hurt., but I'm not!!!!

  4. Soapy Bubbles, you are the BEST!! For all my friends who read my rants, I love you! This one was primarily for you "Poppin Bubbles". You know we are like sisters and there is no better friendship than that of a sister - LOVE YA...

  5. I say friends, food and great shoes!!! But there are always friends and they are fabulous too - what would we do without them??...


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