Thursday, May 27, 2010

a table set for four...

Mr. X and I have not officially had our first dinner party in the new place yet. Quite frankly, we are just getting used to the new relationship and still working through the long distance. Yesterday, I spoke with a photographer who we both met a few months ago at a gallery exhibit. I am seriously trying to woo her into doing my publicity event next month and so I suggested that Mr. X and I should have dinner with her and her husband (who happens to be from my hometown - strange coincidence) in the upcoming weeks. So, it made me think; why not host dinner at our place? {next to my unfriendly neighbor} First thing is first, what table setting will I use? Do you have any suggestions? This is what I would like to do:
  • Plan ahead of time for what I will use on the table: china, glassware, silverware and great flowers (peonies, maybe?).
  • Use a few simple objects on the table to make it personalized.
  • Opt for a runner instead of a tablecloth - our dining room set is new and I love the wood grain.
  • Use fancy napkin rings with my linen and maybe tuck a small flower in the napkin holder.
  • Create handmade place cards for a personalized touch
  • Have a four-course meal


  1. What a grea idea, we;ve had a few friends over for a casual buffet style lunch a dinner but never anything elegant yet...I'd love to be able to entertain family or friends so nicely in my own home!

  2. I think it sounds like a fab idea!! I say, if you're trying to woo her, pull out all the stops, china and all. I loce the place settings you have and the setting in your first photo. Maybe you should opt for a tablecloth instead of a runner, it would look a lot more elegant.

  3. Ok I too prefer to see the grain of the wood on the table and I think a runner would do. There are some great ones at Pier 1 and Potterybarn. Second of all, because I know you pretty well I think you should just go ahead and get rid of the soup bowl, you are not a soup person, I see you quicker doing a salad... At first I was wondering why you had both white and red wine glasses and then I remembered that a certain someone happens to drink red wine like its in the original state, like before Jesus blessed it. Anyway sounds like a fun time, go ahead with your Betty Crocker Susie Homemaker Self! Happy Wooing!

  4. It sounds like you've got it covered! I love a formal dinner - people should do it more! Have fun with yours and be sure to share pics. :)

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  6. ooh I do love those lop-sided wine glasses... if you ever track them down, do send me an e-mail letting me know where to purchase them!

    Linda :)


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