Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Mother's Day MeloDrama

So, I thought I would share with everyone, something that I found really funny. With mother's day right around the corner, many of us (well, at least those of us who are somewhat close with our mothers), start to narrow down what to do for this special person who spent 21 hours of long intensive labor, changing your dirty diapers, sleepless nights, to be followed by another 25 years of great ups and downs, college tuition, new venture investments, co-signing on your first car, and on and on and on - I digress, so lets continue. You think to yourself, what do I get her: breakfast in bed? - I live out of state, not happening! A homemade card? - too much time and too much work! or perhaps fresh flowers delivered to the door - sounds like an idea I can manage.

So, my significant other decides that he wants to get the card for both his mother and my mother this year! and here is how this conversation goes:
me: babe, I need to send my mom a gift, what are you sending your mom?
him: well, I have always felt that money is better (she lives out of the country), so I am going to send her money
me: oh, OK - that makes sense, so are we sending the card together this year? (our first year of relative relationship seriousness)! We'll send flowers to my mom (I think in my head)
him: yeah, we should
me: (thinking in my head again - my gosh, he is amazing), OK, that sounds like a plan
him: send me the address (to his blackberry nonetheless!)
me: OK - done, babe please don't forget mother's day is around the corner and we have to get them in the mail by Monday!

Next day, the story continues, since most of you know men sometimes cannot be trusted to pick out a card, put it in the envelope and take it to the post office (all within a day! - they have work, the gym, meetings etc.)

me: babe, what card did you get?
him: well, some card with a prayer!
me: A prayer - so, what did it say?
him: well, I don't quite remember, it was just too many people in the store around the cards and I just needed to get it done, but it sounds good though!
me: really! babe, you don't even know what the card says? Is that what you do when you buy me cards?
him: Uhhmm, well I make sure it sounds good though..... Don't you always like your cards?

So, after this conversation, it made me think, should we really leave selecting cards up to men? I mean, of all their great strengths and prowess in life, maybe selecting a card is a little too sentimental? But on the other hand, THANK YOU HALLMARK!!!


  1. As long as it is hallmark, I think he should be fine

  2. This is funny!! Yeah, while I love my husband, I don't trust him to do any sentimental shopping either...

  3. I love this post - this is really funny!! I wonder what was in that card?

  4. I love this post - funny!! And hallmark is always the way to go!

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