Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Excursion ....Oh! and the Urban Market

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend and hopefully wherever you are, it is bright and sunny and you are inspired to be the best you, you can be. This week, my challenge is to get motivated to get back into my 3 mile runs and to also manage my time more efficiently.

Now I must share with you my weekend excursion antics. Namely: the Urban Market Antique Show. So, if you've been reading my blog, you've noticed I mentioned (several times, in fact) that I wanted to go to the Urban Market - my long anticipated bliss.. So, it's Sunday, I get up really early, finish my chores (like a good little girl), grab some breakfast/brunch, get dressed in my vintage "Bella" dress that I snagged from a vintage boutique, armed with my rain boots, since it was rainy the day before and headed out to the Urban Market. Imagine the great anticipation I had like a little kid on a vacation journey to the unknown, every step of the way thinking to myself, "Am I There Yet?"

I get to the Urban Market with a big smile on my face (actually, a grin if I am to be absolutely honest), I pay my $5 entry fee and I am practically doing jumping jacks now. I just know that I am going to find that chair, that chair that will speak to me like no other chair ever has before. With great enthusiasm, I head over to the mall area and start looking. Hhhmm, I see a few things but nothing I like yet, and then, there it was: "the piece de resistance" or in my case, "the pieces de resistance".

So, I calmly walk over to the both and look at the tag, which seems to say $100. I am jumping inside because I know these chairs are MINE!! I say to the owner, is the price for one chair or both? She replies, it's for both. At that moment, I cannot begin to explain all the thoughts that were racing through my brain, but here are a few: "OMG, this is crazy, I can actually get my red chairs and upholster them the way I want to, these are going to be awesome and for $100, my gosh I have just hit the motherload - the gods are smiling at me today".

I verify that they accept my drastic plastic, she says yes and now we're talking business. I ask her, like the true bargainista that I am, "is there anything else you can take off the price?" She comes around with her calculator and begins to crunch the numbers and I am beaming!!! At this point, you are probably thinking that this is an awesome deal; well, let's just say that when she said: "these are generally $1500 in the store and we marked them down to $1100 for the market, so let me see what else I can do for you," my sunny day went topsy turby. What I thought was $100 was actually $1100.

Ladies and gentleman (for Mr. X.), I could not say anything at that particular moment, except, I would be right back because I was so embarrassed! I stuck my drastic plastic in it's original home - aka my wallet, and retreated to a solace of great disappointment. Luckily for me, I saw the food stand, with Italian Ice and ginormous cookies and that's where I went.

PS. If you are in Houston, these cookies are to die for. They are not pretentious and they pack a mean punch.
 One Man's Dream Cookies (Oatmeal Chocholate Chip) by Words and Food

Strawberry Fizz Italian Ice - Highland Village Farmers Market


  1. Those chairs are awesome!!! But wow, $1100 thats a lot for just frames...

  2. Awww, those cookies look amazing - what kind were they? and the Italian ice - I bet was great..Sorry about your chairs. I'm sure you'll find new ones.

  3. Those cookies look like great treats...I love Italian ice, it's always so goon on a hot day..I love your blog by the way - very inviting and pretty, great design...


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