Friday, May 21, 2010

The Challenger Update - 5/20/2010

Samantha Breakfast: Special K cereal w/ soy milk
Snack# 1: Fruits w/ (2) cookies
Lunch: N/A
Snack #2: Fiber One Bar
Dinner: 6' Meat Sub
Snack#3: Nature Valley Oats Bar

Workout: 15 min. Cardio + (4) 100m Sprints

Breakfast: Fruit Smoothie
Snack #1: Pretzels
Lunch: Steamed Vegetables + Chicken
Snack #2: Yogurt
Dinner: Spinach Salad

Workout: AM – Rest | PM – Jog 3 Miles

Breakfast: 1 cup mint tea w/ 1 cup of strawberries
Snack #1: N/A
Lunch: Roasted Chicken w/ Broccoli & Potatoes
Snack #2: Klondike Bar
Dinner: Grilled Chicken w/ hot dog | Turkey Patty and Roasted Corn w/ juice

Workout: 30 mins. on treadmill w/ weights and abs

Breakfast: Granola Bar
Snack #1: Protein Shake w/ Coffee
Lunch: Beef Stew w/ Baked Brie and Bread - Ooops...
Snack #2: Greek Yogurt w/ Honey
Party Snack: 1 cupcake, 2 slices of pita bread w/ hummus | 1 fried creamy goodness
90 calorie beer
Dinner: Half Turkey Sandwich w/ Veggie Chips and a Pear

Workout: Walk for 30 minutes

Breakfast: Blueberry Oatmeal Cereal and Coffee
Snack #1: baby Carrotts and Celery Stick
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on Wheat
Snack #2: N/A
Dinner: Chicken w/ rice and corn on the cob

Workout: Not Applicable

Breakfast: Protein Shake | Cup of Strawberries
Snack #1: Atkins Bar
Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad
Snack #2: 1 Mango
Dinner: 1 Beer | 2 glasses of champagne | 3 Fried spring rolls | 2 cupcakes | 2 spinach quesadillas
This was really horrible...... Yikesss..

Workout: Run for 2 miles + 25 min. on elliptical


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