Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Makes Me Think! UHhhmmm!!

So after reading one of my favorite blogs: La Dolce Vita, it made me think about what seems to be an ongoing battle in my head. Honestly, I feel like there are two demons and an angel and they've been fighting for ever so long. I looked at the photos from the Met Costume Gala in NYC and all our fabulous celebrities, Gisele Bundchen, SJP, Zoe Saldana, Bar Rafaeli, Kerry Washington, Blake Lively (Yes, i love gossip girls, xoxo), Gwen Stefani and many more looked stunning.

Jennifer Lopez

So, I think to myself, I really need to start this P90X program, or else I am going to be seriously disappointed with myself this summer! Then, I immediately proceeded to grab the wonderfully delicious chocolate decadence known as the German chocolate brownie bar! Well, touche to my angel on the right - I think the demons managed to overpower me yet again!!! In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful gowns that graced the red carpet at the MET!


Kerry Washington {My Inspiration}

Jessica Alba

Janet Jackson

Bar Rafaeli

Blake Lively

Iman {Talk About Timeless}


  1. Love these photos - you are right, IMAN is timeless and Kerry Washington always looks amazing to me! I love your blog! and the background is really pretty!!

  2. In my next life, I will certainly look like Blake Lively!!

  3. Janet Jackson looks really good - as per usual. Who is the guy she's with?

  4. AWESOME dresses - I think Kerry Washington always looks amazing - I love the red dress and to think it was designed by GAP!!! I heart this blog!!

  5. Amazing Photos and great design on the blog. I don't know if I love the spring like you do. One word Allergies!!


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