Monday, May 24, 2010

Au revoir Design Posts...

Last week, I was talking to a friend who happened to mention that my blog posts seem to be very design inspired. While I would disagree, it seems that maybe my posts have been a "little" - noted in quotations, the word little - skewed towards the interior design genre. As if I can help that much!! - I work in the interior design industry! Well, touche' I am going to take the challenge - my next fifteen posts will not be  design focused.....

What challenges do you have set for yourself this week?


  1. Love your blog - so colorful! Hopefully, you won't be gone from what you seem to love, for too long..

  2. Yes to interior design! But goals are great, and mine for this week is to workout more than last week!

  3. Pack up and move out of our house (although we STILL don't really have a set game plan of where we are moving...eeek!!) and not lose my ever loving mind...dream big!


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